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Tales of the Paperclip Penguins : The CleanUp

Enter the Virtual Reality world of the Paperclip Penguins, a wacky game where you could be propping up the bar one minute and then jumping off a cliff the next.

Your adventure starts in the dusty Antiques Shop where you're asked for your help in tidying up their world. From there you can explore six very different lands, meet the chatty inhabitants along your travels and find all those hidden paperclips. Its not that easy though as most of the lands can't be completed until you get a little help from the shopkeeper.

Do you have what it takes to save their world, or at least tidy it up a little? I hear it's all worth it for the party at the end!

"Tales of the Paperclip Penguins" will be launched this summer, look out for it on the Oculus Store as well as other virtual reality platforms later this year.