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Sitting on the side of a helicopter, looking through the clouds at the mountain below, skis strapped to your feet. The drop point is coming up, your route down already picked.

Stood at the start gate of a slalom run, the crowd going wild as the countdown to the race begins!

At the top of the big air. The run up is so steep and the jump so far away. But you can see the crowd and resort way below, cheering you on. You feel butterflies in your stomach as you release and start your descent.


Race against yourself or friends to beat the split times!

Choose the best line or your turns will slow you down!

Avoid the obstacles and enjoy the views


Snowparks, extreme cliffs and big airs!

The bigger the trick, the higher the score multiplier!

Land a trick dead on to get a perfect landing!


100km2 of offpiste to ski!

Sit on the heli and enjoy the view

Fly and land the heli whereever you like