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Current releases

  • Alpine Ski VR

    Fully immersive VR Skiing! 6 Slalom Runs, 6 Freestyle Runs, 100km2 of open world Heli skiing!

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  • Tales of the Paperclip Penguins : The CleanUp

    Enter the world of the Paperclip Penguins in Virtual Reality, a wacky game where you could be propping up the bar one minute and diving off a cliff the next. Do you have what it takes to save their world, or at least tidy it a little? I hear it's worth it for the party at the end!

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  • PaperclipPenguin AR

    Using the coolest augmented reality technology, you're now able to bring your PaperclipPenguin cards to life! We have developed this app so no additional markers were required on the cards. They will just work perfectly as designed

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  • SpaceSlider VR

    Space Slider VR is a Virtual Reality game which uses your phone's latest hardware to immerse you in a 3D universe packed with edge of your seat fun! It was our first dabble into VR a couple of years ago and taught us a lot. Its quite simple but has had tens of thousands of downloads and has been one of the top voted iOS VR games.

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Coming Soon

Wingsuit VR

Wingsuit like a pro and face your fears in this fast face game. Out Q4 2016

Mobile Controller SDK

We are very excited about the mobile controllers we are currently developing. Out later this year

Leap Motion desktop

Utilising the new LeapMotion Orion SDK, use real world objects within your experiences. Out later this year

Ski VR

Fly down the mountains in the beautifully created ski game. Out Q1 2017